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The Shanghai International Football League is Shanghai's premier football league. Its the oldest football league in Shanghai established in 1995 and many players from different countries play in this league. Its one of the most competitive expat amateur leagues in Asia as more and more teams participate in and win various overseas international football tournaments such as the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC, Azzurri FC, Shanghai Puxi Lions, Shanghai Vikings, Anzacs FC, FC Oranje & Shanghai Japan FC. The league has 2 divisions, the premier league and first division. Besides the main league competition that runs from September 2012 to June 2013 there are 2 cup competitions; the SIFL Cup and the Hebiguchi Cup. Every season starts with an opening season tournament and ends with the closing season tournament followed by the SIFL award ceremony & end of season party. The open and closing tournaments are open to guest teams as well.